ナルトの画像 挑め!全ての知識で。
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From the beginning of its serialization in 1999 to
the very end, fans all
around the world dove into
this incredible story filled with all things ninja.
But how far does your ninja knowledge go?
With questions for anyone who loves Naruto,
questions that will make you
chuckle, and
questions that only real shinobi experts can
answer, the
ultimate quiz to test your knowledge
is here: NARUTO MANIA!
There's a variety of quiz questions and various
possible results screens!
Fans who enjoy every detail of Naruto to the
fullest will come out on top!

How to Play

Quiz Scope
Quiz content is drawn entirely from the Naruto manga!
The quiz's 300-question pool will be
updated, starting from Naruto's
Genin training days and
through the story.
First, check out the scope of the quiz!
Don't just reread the story, but make
sure to take note of quotes and even
closely inspect the
backgrounds of
the manga panels!
alarm clock
Time Limit
You'll have 20 minutes to take the quiz!
Use your knowledge to the fullest within the time limit!
Keep in mind that questions left unanswered when time runs out
will be counted as incorrect.
Use ocular jutsu to answer the harder questions!
Sometimes ridiculously specific questions pop up in NARUTO MANIA!
But with the help of “Sharingan”, you can see the answer rates of other quiz-takers!
You can also use other jutsu from Naruto like “Byakugan” and “Izanagi”!
examination paper
Trial Quizzes
Take the trial quizzes to try various difficulty levels!
There are quizzes tailored to your NARUTO MANIA level, like the
“Genin Class” quiz for novices or the “Jonin Class” quiz
for more
confident Naruto fans!
Result Screen
Character card
Quiz Results
Various shinobi will appear depending on your results!
See various ninja from the series appear depending on your quiz results!
A thorough analysis of your answer data will also be
shown! Get an idea of what
you need to brush up on to aim for an
even higher score!
Plus, depending on how you answer, perhaps THAT shinobi will appear?!
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